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Ultimate Baby Beach Tent

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Summer is coming! Planning a trip to the beach or a beach resort?Afraid its too hot for your little ones? Want to protect your baby from the harmful UV rays? Want a tent that is light and you can bring anywhere? To the beach or to a picnic? Guineabears' Baby Beach Tent with a wadding pool is the ideal beach sun shade for your little ones. Product Information: Made from good quality eco friendly Nylon; so its baby-safe and waterproof. Shiny surface to deflect the heat away from baby. Cuts UV rays by 50%. Tent comes with a wadding pool at the bottom. So if you are at the beach you can dig a hole in the sand and fill the wading pool with water. Baby can play in the water under the protection of the shade. Or don't dig a hole and use it as a normal tent. Ideal for picnics too. Large Mesh Window provides Good Ventilation. Allows air flow and keeps baby cool and out of the harsh sunlight Tent Dimensions: ~120cm (L) x ~80cm (W) x ~80cm (H) Wadding Pool Dimensions: ~70cm x 55cm Comes in 4 different colors. Package Includes:One(1) Baby Beach Tent; One(1) Storage Bag; Four(4) Pegs to secure to the ground. Suitable for babies 3yrs old and below. Package weight ~600g

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