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A Great 1 Pair Orthopedic Toe Corrector

A Great 1 Pair Orthopedic Toe Corrector

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If You are Having a DisLocated Toe This is not a Problem anymore

  •  Side panel for maximum breathability and comfort
  •  Stabilizing support to be worn at night
  •  gentle, comfortable solution for bunion discomfort
  •  Soothes and releases tension & bunion pain near the joint
  •   Bunion Corrector: Relieve hallux valgus while barefoot resting like sleeping on bed
  •   Tips: Walk on your heels to get around while wearing the Bunion Night Splint


Effective in Hallux Valgus and Bunion Pain. 

Helps stabilizing arches and pulling big toe from the second toe. 

Package Include: 

1 Pair of Bunion Night Splint = 1pcs Right + 1pcs Left 

How to Use

1.  Release the velcro strap and apply it on the big toe. 

2.  Tighten the velcro and secure it until the big toes appears to the correctly positioned.

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