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stemware Saver Flexible Dishwasher

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Not all cutlery, glassware, or serving dishes are created equal. And your precious wineglass can easily tip over in the dishwasher during the washing cycle. Fortunately, our Adjustable Dishwasher Connector Set is here to save the day. Wine lovers and owners of oddly shaped dishwasher racks are guaranteed to adore this flexible and indispensable tool. Easily attached to the stem of glasses, these connectors can be used with any shape of dishware. To use one, all you have to do is snap it to the stem of the wine glass and jam the other hollow end into the prong sticking up on your dishwasher rack. Adjustable; can be used with any shape of dishware and dishwasher rack Dishwasher-safe Easy to clean Your order includes: 1 x Set of Adjustable Dishwasher Connectors (4 pieces/ set)

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