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Amazing 3D Printing Pen

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Add 5m10Color PLA
Add 5m10Color PLA 1
Add 10m10Color PLA
Add 10m10Color PLA 1
Add 5m20Color PLA
Add 5m20Color PLA 1
Add 10m20Color PLA
Add 10m20Color PLA 1
Add 5m10Color ABS
Add 5m10Color ABS 1
Add 10m10Color ABS
Add 10m10Color ABS 1
Add 5m20Color ABS
Add 5m20Color ABS 1
Add 10m20Color ABS
Add 10m20Color ABS 1
Add 5m10Color PLA 2
Add 10m10Color PLA 2
Add 5m20Color PLA 2
Add 10m20Color PLA 2
Add 5m10Color ABS 2
Add 10m10Color ABS 2
Add 5m20Color ABS 2
Add 10m20Color ABS 2

3D Printing Pen is a perfect gift for kids 
Great for beginners and experienced artists/
3D Pen is compatible with both PLA and ABS.

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Sixth Generation 3 Color 3D Drawing Pens With Free PLA Filament 3D Printing Pens For Kids Birthday Present Or Christmas Gift

Item specifics

Brand Name:ReTu
Model Number:3D Print Pen
Adapter Type:US,UK,EU
Print pen size:24MM*28MM*183MM
Rated power input parameters:5V 2A



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